Nonbinary: just one term used to describe individuals who may experience a gender identity that is neither exclusively male or female or is in between or beyond both genders.

Gendersilly: when ur just having fun w ur gender! das it! when ur expressing urself and having fun and not taking urself too seriously!

Chaotiqueer: an umbrella term/self-applied label for anyone whose queerness (gender identity/expression and/or orientation/s and possibly the grayness between all of them) is “unleashed.”

Schrodigender: a single gender that exists as if it were many genders at once.

Abnormifluctuant: a gender that has abnormal fluctuations, constantly changing. Anyone who identifies as abnormifluctuant must identify as 4 or more xenogenders. an abnormifluctuant individual may experience gender fluctuations every 30 minutes.

Avarumgender: a term for use where many labels may fit, and one’s gender may fit all the criteria for these labels, but the traits are all static and never seem to overwhelm each other.

Midbinary: being outside the gender binary. but having a gender referencing gender binary.

Chaingender: nonbinary people who feel connected/'linked' to binary genders (such as masc or fem nonbinary people), through the metaphorical chains of gender

Furotium: A trans person whos presentation/identity is tied to them being nondysphoric. It is nonconforming to express anger and defiance.

Laetium: A trans person whos presentation/identity is tied to them being nondysphoric. It is nonconforming to express joy, self love, and acceptance of their identity and themselves!

Eruditic: stemming from the word “eruditio”, meaning enlightenment, a gender found in rediscovered gender acceptance, the family of the valley represents humility and the colors represent healing, development, joy and contentment with your identity.

Chaosmasculine: a gender that feels chaotic, discordant, unexplianable, or defies norms with little care. The masculine component is acknowledging sex-based dysphoria and a bodily binary transition.

Cryptogender: cryptogender is a gender one can’t discern, describe or define in human words because one is puzzled by it. It feels like it is and it isn’t there without following any particular pattern, sometimes even at the same time.

Etheric: a gender that feels ethereal and otherworldly, with xenic energy.

Ludogender: a gender which has a core, but the individual “tries on” different genders because they are mirroring another individual.

Evaisgender: a fluid gender that’s easily influenced by things, thoughts and beings around it, thus it tends to change a lot, even within a single day.

Jouine: from “joy” and “sanguine”. A joyful gender, very happy and euphoric about who they are. They are happy to express their gender, and know that it is special.

Faunagender: A gender influenced by animals in some way.

Genderfluid: a gender identity which refers to a gender which varies over time. A genderfluid person's identity will change constantly.

Fractigender: a gender identity characterized by different genders occurring with different intensities, and yet still connected (either through expression, interpretation, or being experienced simultaneously).

Genderfuck: a form of gender expression that seeks to subvert the traditional gender binary or gender roles by mixing traditionally masculine (such as a beard) and traditionally feminine (such as a dress) components.

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